Panama, the wild adventure

After my first wonderful experience cruising the British Virgin Islands aboard of El Caracol, my sister’s family catamaran (Entretanto a Bordo), I was excited to do it again as soon as possible.

El Caracol has been sailing the Caribbean seas for the last 2 years and have crossed the Panama channel, aiming to continue their journey into the South Pacific.

Panama seemed like good opportunity to be with them, so we pack our bags and got a flight to Panama City!

Panama is a relatively small and unpopulated country that lies between North and South America, bounded by the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean (Caribbean Sea). It’s a land of graceful beauty and wonderful wildlife, a place where you can enjoy nature on its purest form: untamed beaches, exotic landscapes, thriving wildlife and lonely waves to glide on a surfboard.

View of Panama City from the Amador peninsula

Arriving Plaza de Francia on Casco Viejo

Paseo de Las Bóvedas at sunset, with Puente de las Américas on the background

My sister Cat

Caco and Vi

Paseo de Las Bóvedas

Viewpoint of Paseo de Las Bóvedas with Panama City on the background

The traditional Panamanian Raspao

Some cute wooden toys grasp the kids

An old man playing the guitar

Daily life in the big city

Playa Cacique in Isla Contadora, Las Perlas

Exploring the Isla Mogo Mogo

Afternoon joy at the beach. Josh ridding the slackline

Exotic and thick vegetation covering the foothills

The tidal range is so high that the bay got submerged on the way back

Enjoying the last moments of light on the beach

Beautiful sunset

Our friends Ben, Rosangela and Josh from Kulfi. They’ve been long term sailing the world!

A local fisherman came by to sell some fruits

We stayed a few days relaxing and surfing on the river mouth of Playa de Cacique, Isla del Rey

Going deep in the mangrove looking for fresh water

Playa Venao, one of the top surfing spots of our trip

It’s a beautiful and long bay, with consistence waves breaking all day

Seems to be a favorite spot by local grooms

Even with 1m swell hitting the coast, the beach break of Venao delivers

Almost 3km of extensive and beautiful shore to enjoy

The mountainous landscape around the beach

These folks came by as we cruise Punta Mariato

All crew with eyes on the sea searching for more sea surprises

The captain got this amazing Yellowfin Tuna for dinner

We were blessed with a beautiful sunset with manta rays jumping over the water

Arriving at Punta Naranjo, our overnight anchorage

Chief Jorge starting to prepare the sushi

Under the watchful eye of the family

Ben Stagg always energetic and passionate about fishing

Tuna Sashimi ready to serve

The super dinner! I can imagine myself living this life… 😀

Morning walk exploring the new bay

Vi playing with a sticking black sand

Becas next to a little boat from the local fisherman community’s

We catch some coconuts and got ready to move to Isla Cébaco

El Caracol, the boat they call home for more then 2 years

Vi working on a fish bait made out of sandals

Spotted dolphins nearby Morro Negrito

Big clouds over Coiba island

My sister Sofia

Josh and Lia

Wild and unexploited Isla Jicarón

Our anchorage and the thick jungle, from where we could hear the howler monkeys

A walk along the coast led us to these natural rock sculptures

Exploring ponds seeking up alligators

Amazing scenery! No doubt that Isla Jicarón was one of highlights of the trip

A perfectly breaking wave

The landscape is like a painting

Just us, no one around

Sofia feeling free

On the other day we left to visit the big Isla de Coiba

The crew always looking for stuff on the beach that could be useful

A fishing net can certainly be handy

Not so sure about this raft

It’s crazy, the all sorts of trash that show up on the beach

The long sandy beach – Playa Hermosa

A wreck we found further on the beach.

Coiba island, once a penal colony full of horror histories, is now turned into a marine preserve

El Captain Jorge

Sand patterns made by “spaghetti” worms

Another impressive sunset as we move to Isla la Porcada

Isla Silva de Adentro was another good surprise. So small yet so immensely lovely

Calm and warm waters for a perfect afternoon

Inland we found this field colonies of leaf-cutting ants

They carried an impressive amount of leafs to the anthill

and I was quite impressed with the size of the anthill

Caco sorting out the operation of a water pump we found near by

Lia’s zen moment

Cat and Lia thoughts

I can still feel the Sun and glow of that afternoon

Rita’s zen moment

The girls posing

Rita in line with the place

Small scale waves can be so addictive to shoot at high speeds

Results can be unexpected and artistic

Vi’s zen moment

Sometimes life can be so simple and beautiful…

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  1. Cat
    October 5, 2018

    Such nice memories jumped into my mind and my heart. Adorei rever estas fotos, estão fantásticas e a história que contas também. Obrigadaaaaaaaa!