Bouldering in Ericeira, a nice surprise

My friend Daniel Ferreira Dias from EriceiraBoulder tempted me to visit Ericeira and get to know the bouldering spots that he has encountered.

Invitation accepted, I spend some days with him exploring the area and enjoying Ericeira’s peculiar limestone rock formations.

The spots I visited are São Julião/Foz do Lizandro and Praia de São Lourenço, located South and North of Ericeira respectively, both within a 5km distance radius from the city centre.

São Julião hosts a bunch of easy boulders and some hard projects. The rock resembles the lapiás fields found in Cabo Carvoeiro – Peniche, but in a smaller scale. Some of the rock fractures were really deep making possible the practice of free-climbing or highball bouldering. I did sneak into one interesting crevasse and establish the arête “Pêra Doce”.

São Lourenço offers one very good boulder with a handful of lines. The rock is incredible and completely different from what I’ve seen anywhere before. One side of the boulder is filled with sandstone knobs and the other, with calcite huecos. Daniel showed me a very nice project starting on the cave, that I managed to send and named “Patrão de Costa”.

I love spots where you can do both climbing & surfing! Besides Peniche and Sagres, you can now add Ericeira to the list!! Thanks for the work Daniel 🙂

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