Nazaré, the Big Mama day

In Nazaré, there is a legend about a monster wave called “Big Mama”, the mother of all waves. They say it can only be seen with specific tidal conditions and swell size.

On January 17, 2018, the biggest swell of the year (or decade!?) hit Nazaré and the images that follow only show a fraction of the mesmerizing action that took place that day.

The wave sizes, the energy, the wind, the spray, the light… all so unreal, that resemble more of a painting than reality.

The conditions were too hard to surf, but Portuguese Hugo Vau was in the water trying to catch one of those monsters. By the end of the day, the sun was setting in front of us and it became almost impossible to chase the action in the water, so I switched my lens into wider views.

Later that day, I heard that Hugo towed by Alex Botelho, caught what might have been the largest wave ever surfed, the Big Mama!

Reviewing the photos afterwards I was stoked to see that I manage to capture the surfer on my last recorded wave, unfortunately he can barely be seen…

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