Nazaré Challenge 2016 – WSL Big Wave Tour

The Nazaré Challenge was the first-ever WSL – Big Wave Tour event at the monstrous Portuguese big-wave break Praia do Norte, Nazaré!

Big respect to these brave surfers who put their life at risk paddling into these gigantic waves and water patrol for doing a great job under these merciless conditions!

Nazaré is a truly remarkable place to admire the power of the ocean.

Surfers: Greg Long, Damien Hobgood, Gabriel Villarán, Aaron Gold, Kealii Mamala, João De Macedo, Nic Lamb, Grant Baker, Koa Rothman, Pedro Calado, Alex Botelho, Andrew Cotton, Billy Kemper, Cristian Merello, Trevor Carlson, Kai Lenny, Kohl Christensen, António Silva, Carlos Burle, Ramon Navarro, Jamie Mitchell, Will Skudin, Hugo Vau & Tom Butler

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