Cabo carvoeiro, The Jurassic Playground

Cabo Carvoeiro, is one of the most emblematic points of the Portuguese coastline! The perimeter around Cabo Carvoeiro reveal a unique landscape featuring many geological formations dating from the Early Jurassic, which are the perfect playground for climbing adventures.

The rock type is generous for trad climbing and since the beginning the ethic was to bolt nothing but the tops. This means that the climbing here can be fun, wild and sometimes a bit exposed!

One of the first explorers was Paulo Roxo, who’s known to have opened a great number of auto-protected routes! He is the author of the “Cabo Carvoeiro” guidebook, which can be bought for 12€ in here.

Paulo is recovering from a fall and gradually climbing again, so I was really pleased that he could come and guide us around on this sunny day!


The landscape is unique and sometimes resembles a giant cracker cake.



The access is done by rappel. Daniela Teixeira preparing for the descend.



Overview of the walls! On the center, Daniela finishing the route “Federações e outras aberrações”.



Paulo Roxo undertaking “37, viva a nossa camionete!”.



Globetrotter João Gaspar on “Federações e outras aberrações”..



A lighthouse was established on the westernmost point of this cape in 1790, to put an end to the numerous shipwreck occurring.



Paulo Roxo battling on “Perro Andaluz”.



Cuca finishing the same route.



Paulo, always with a smile on his face!



The vast Atlantic ocean view, with Berlengas island in sight!



The chalk, the rock texture and the inexplicable good feeling of a wasted hand at the end of the day…



Cuca belaying the last climb of the day.



The face of a happy climber emerges!!



Time to socialize, drink a coffee and plan the next trip.


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