Madeira, the Pearl of the Atlantic!

Visiting Madeira was one of those trips I had in mind to do for a long time, but for some odd reason was always left behind. Finally I got psyched with it and bought the tickets!

Despite the mountainous terrain, Madeira is quite small and in a day you can drive around the island and still have time to catch some waves at the beach. The big investments that the local government put into the construction of tunnels and bridges had a big impact on the transportation system. What used to take a half day, now can take just a couple of hours!

It’s just great when you can plan a multi-task day with lots of different activities and Madeira is the perfect place for that! There’s plenty to choose from, like Levada walks (check Levada do Rabaçal/25 Fontes), mountain hikes (try Pico do Arieiro and Ponta de São Lourenço), explore the Laurissilva Forest, surf on the crystal blue waters of the fajãs and delight yourself with the gastronomy (don’t miss the great Espetada Regional, the Grilled Limpets and the traditional Poncha). Furthermore, the local people I meet were very friendly and helpful!

Well, I’m not going to reveal all the little secrets of this beautiful island. I prefer to let my photos allow room for your imagination… 🙂

Lonely waves breaking at Ponta do Pargo.



Imposing sea cliffs are everywhere.



View from the top of Fajã das Achadas da Cruz, a beautiful pebbled beach located on furthest north-western side of the island.



The way down is straight forward on the breathtaking cable car!



The lava rocks seascapes surrounding the natural pools of Porto Moniz.



Bizarre rock shapes and formations at Ribeira da Janela.



Immersing myself on the amazing Laurissilva forest of Fanal.



Cattle among the beautiful setting of Fanal.



Perfectly breaking waves at Paúl do Mar and no one there to catch them!



Fajã da Areia is generally regarded as the best place to learn surf on the island. Here, a local charging on a fun wave!



Funchal, still remind old times…



Funchal´s Old Town, with narrow and picturesque streets lined by aged buildings.



Amazing view of Curral das Freiras, a small village deep inside the valley!



Hills covered with green, where Levada do Rabaçal/25 Fontes passes trough.



A closer look into the path that leads to one of the many waterfalls of 25 Fontes.



Splendorous vegetation enclosing the Levada make the walk a delightful experience.



Occasional spotlights sneak trough the vegetation. It’s a magical trek for the big and the small ones.



Little fish can be spotted inside the water channels.



Twilight at Ribeira da Janela, a truly photogenic place.

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  1. Cat
    April 11, 2015

    Love it! Assim fico com mais vontade de lá ir 🙂

  2. Paula
    June 29, 2015

    A Ilha da Madeira deve ser linda, mas através deste olhar é simplesmente fabulosa!Parabéns pelas fotos!