Western Rider, the great Cabo da Roca Highline

José Ferreira aka “Zé Pistolas” was exploring Cabo da Roca looking for potential highlines, when he saw that huge rock pinnacle in Malhada do Ouriçal and immediately realized it was the perfect location for a futuristic highline.

Although the line didn’t look so hard to assemble, it was much more challenging than anything tried before by the Portuguese highliners, so the project remained on the mind of Zé for almost a year.

Discussing the project with Jens (Linus Walker), a talented highliner from Germany that Zé met in Portugal in the summer, got them both motivated and decided to go for it…

A team of 3 Germans, a Brazilian, a Swiss and a Dutchman rush to come to Portugal, to join efforts with Zé and help with the set up.

For Zé seeing that project came to life was like a dream come true!

The highline setting, in the westernmost point of Europe, with the Atlantic sea below and the wilderness of the Cabo da Roca bays, makes this all experience so inspiring and unique!!

Name of the line: “Western Rider”
Equipment used:
1 Hammer Drill
6 Expansion bolts (2 from one side and 4 on the other)
1 Dynamic Rope (70 mts)
1 Static Rope (100 mts)
1 Slackline (100 mts)
2 Double Pulleys
1 Simple Pulley
3 Friends
15 Spansets
+ 20 Steel Carabiners and Shackles

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